Some Achievements In Communities

Social development

Joyful Hearts Organization is working with 5 cooperatives running different activities such as;

Breeding activities and agricultural projects

Joyful Hearts Organization also identifies HIV and TB positive people from those cooperatives and links them with Organizations/Institutions that care about Community health in order they can access medical facilities.

Breeding activities

Joyful Hearts supports two cooperatives giving them advice, short training in pigs and goats farming.


Joyful Hearts advises on agricultural works and is planning to give money in order to purchase seeds and fertilizer to the refugees in camp and 3 cooperatives.


The people are ready to start working and there is a nearby market which has a large demand for meat.

Short-Term Goals

  • Medicine for animals and veterinary care
  • Start children and orphans in school
  • Improve accommodation and social skills of the community

Long-Term Goals

  • ¬†Provision of trauma counselling and training
  • Improving of housing
  • Veterinary training
  • Teaching other communities and cooperative their baking experience.